Over the last 7 decades J. Farren Price has developed Australia’s most extensive range of famous Swiss watches and beautifully hand crafted jewellery.

With the time for expansion and renewal at hand, we were lucky enough to be trusted (again) to create a glamorous, yet sophisticated environment to house these rare and exquisite jewellery suites and watches.

Our brief was to create a stunning, elegant retail experience through the use of high quality finishes that extenuates the beauty and quality of the finest jewellery & watches the world has to offer for their discerning clientele.

The balance between functional elements and an elegant environment is where the J. Farren Price store stands alone from the competition. Subtle brand reinforcement in components of the store environment has led to increased sales, improved operational efficiency and ultimately achieved what we aim for as retail designers – a positive physical experience of the brand.

“We are delighted with the new showroom. It enables us to deliver even a better service and bigger range of products to our customers.” – Julian Farren-Price, J. Farren Price Jewellers.