Portico is a boutique bookstore in the Sydney CBD that specialises in spirituality and personal development.

Moving into a new space presented the client with a unique opportunity to re-invent their business.  We needed to design a new brand concept to reflect the unique positioning of the business and integrate it with the retail design creating a stimulating, interesting and comfortable environment for the customers.

The new concept store, situated in a heritage building and taking advantage of period architecture, with its tall windows, lightness, spaciousness and high ceilings, has become an oasis for the mind and soul amidst the hustle and bustle of the CBD.

“We were attracted to Design Portfolio because they had a lot of variety in their portfolio, a lot of different kinds of shops, and it showed that they were able to not just apply the same principles to all their designs, but they really focused on what was special about each project and how they could communicate that through the architecture and the interior elements, and that’s what we wanted a boutique bookshop.

In the first week we had about 50 offers from people who wanted to work here. They would say, have you got any work going, it is such a beautiful place to work. And it really is.” – Claire Cannon, Portico.