The Nuts Galore kiosks have retained the same look for many years so when we were asked to develop a concept for their new kiosk at Macquarie Centre, we took the opportunity to update the design completely with the view of rolling it out to other locations.

The kiosk is located in the new Fresh Food Market area of the recently extended centre so the palette of finishes and orientation was essential in attracting customers to the new site and complementing the surroundings. The new design guidelines for the Fresh Food Market allowed for more freedom of design and innovation.

Rustic and warm materials were chosen to compliment and highlight the healthy products on display.

Nuts Galore continue to source the best quality products from Australia and around the world and roast them in their own state of the art roasting facility to their standards. The roast still follows the traditional method to obtain the best results.

Our design concept was based on the composition of a nut. The hard outer protective shell was translated into solid materials such as timber and brick around the perimeter like a defensive wall. The timber posts are lettered with names of nuts like scrabble to encourage fun interaction alongside the glass displays and encouraging customers to linger.