Grab‘n’Go, a cafe at Granville Railway Station was a different design proposition from the norm – with a target market focused on the busy traveler. It had to be designed for places of departure from train station platforms to airports it had to appeal to everyone, particularly people in a rush. The coffee had to be great and quick and the food had to be appealing in a non fast-food healthy way. The interior had to capture all of this.

Referencing travel by incorporating subway tiles and an industrial look with overhead stainless steel structures from which menus hang, the interior is both familiar and different enough to add interest. The menus, located directly above the corresponding food offer, make navigating the food options quick and easy and the purchase simple because when people are in a rush the last thing they want are complications. An open shopfront and coffee area at the front of the store allows for easy entry and reduces any physiological fear of being stuck when the train arrives. Multiple service points ensure customers can be served quickly and be on there way.

“Having chosen Design Portfolio for my first major retail project, it has been very successful. Design Portfolio not only showed excellent results in their design but also contributed much more in their knowledge of business and marketing for retail.” – Alex Aslan, Grab ‘n’ Go