Memories long forgotten can be brought back in an instant when you see, smell or hear something from your distant past.  Cowbell 808 can reactivate the memory bank, taking you back to a time like none other – the 1980s. Walking in the front door, you just may want to whip out your hair crimper, dust off your double denim, choose a record and relive a little.

The owners of Cowbell 808, had this mind when they approached DP to help design the 80s themed café. They were drawn to the era because of the happy teenage memories it evoked and their love of 80s music.

The café is proving to appeal to a wide range of clientele from locals, business people and like-minded 80s drum machine fanatics, who understand where the name Cowbell 808 came from, to teenagers who weren’t even born in the 80, but love the place’s energy.


During the entire process with DP we found them to be open, creative, supportive, professional, flexible and personally committed to doing a great job…” – Sean & Lennie, Owners, Cowbell 808.

“We wanted to create a café that had personality, a great feel and worked on a practical level so we engaged DP to help us consolidate our café design ideas and bring it to life with the expertise and experience that only a professional, creative and experienced agency can offer…” – Sean & Lennie, Owners, Cowbell 808.