Improving Your Business

“Your biggest competitor is your own view of the future.” – Larry Hochman, Business Expert

Most interior design projects look good when they open. Some will become thriving business, whereas others will fail and close their doors. Retail design is the only area of design that allows you to objectively measure the outcome of each project. Retail premises are often the same size before and after refurbishment, they sell the same product range, have the same price structure, the same sales people and the same location. But when sales increase dramatically after the installation of a new concept (in some cases by 40, 50 or 95%) you know the design was truly successful.

If any of these situations sound familiar, we are here to help.

Interior Design

Getting the design right takes strategy, skill, experience and attention to detail. It’s also not the type of thing that falls off the back of a truck, it takes time.

Our designs are based on thorough research and understanding of our client’s vision, target market, product, marketing and operations. Using innovative thinking, we then translate this knowledge into integrated interior design and brand solutions. We focus on function, space, lighting, detailing and innovative merchandising to resolve intricate and highly challenging design issues and to create enticing and functional retail environments.

Our unique expertise has been developed, tested and fine-tuned over many years of working with single retailers, large retail chains and buying groups. Our talents are showcased across a range of industries and projects including pharmacies, cafes, restaurants, bookshops, retail stores, offices and many more.

Corporate Identity and Brand Design

Branding is essential  – it’s important that you brand yourself in the minds of your customers before they brand you. You need to work out how you wish to be perceived and deliver the message in all forms of communication.

Establishing your brand is the starting point for the rest of the project and illustrates a company’s personality, principles, market positioning and directions. More importantly, it creates a rapport with the company’s target market and can turn single buyers into long-term valued customers.

Some items that can be apart of your brand strategy include:

Speaking Engagements

We love what we do and talking about it…

Our Directors regularly address industry conferences and educational seminars on retail and brand design, both nationally and internationally. Based on our experience of over 800 retail & hospitality projects, we provide practical advice and examples of how you can help your business stand out in the crowded market place.

We use visuals, past projects and hands-on examples of the design techniques that can carry your differentiation message to the customers.

Some topics covered include:


Topics can be customised for the specific audience or conference theme. To receive client testimonials or to discuss your upcoming event call us on +61 2 9439 1106.

Press: Articles and Contributions

Our principals regularly contribute to various retail & hospitality industry magazines.

Some recent articles include: