The Cupcake Bakery has been a client of of ours since 2011 and we have designed over 25 stores, kiosks and street fronted sites for the brand.

The brief for this project was to create a ‘premium’ kiosk that was sophisticated and engaging, and fitted with the luxury fashion environment in the multi-million dollar refurbishment Westfield Fountain Gate.

The design was inspired by ‘the contemporary cupcake’, which is itself very feminine, visually distinct and desirable. We wanted to give the kiosk a sculptural feel ­to make it as much an object as a cupcake and to give it a greater presence. Depth was created by using multiple layers, textures and shapes and designing a counter face that dips down to expose the cupcake display and wraps around the entire structure.

By experimenting with premium materials and form, the design pushes the boundaries of what is expected of a kiosk. The upmarket look blends seamlessly into the luxury shopping environment, while key brand elements and colours have been retained to ensure existing franchise customers are not alienated.


The design won Westfield Leasing National Shop Opening ‘Best Retail Design – Food Kiosk Award 2012’.

The cupcake bakery

“We switched to Design Portfolio for our new store concepts as we needed a breath of fresh air and a new look for our stores.” – Alex Perry, Managing Director, The Cupcake Bakery.